Gupta Dhon By Rabindranath Tagore গুপ্ত ধন

Gupta Dhon By Rabindranath Tagore গুপ্ত ধন

“Gupta Dhon,” which translates to “Hidden Treasure” in English, is a short story by Rabindranath Tagore, the esteemed poet, novelist, and Nobel laureate in Literature. Originally written in Bengali, “Gupta Dhon” is one of Tagore’s many short stories that explore themes of human nature, greed, and the pursuit of wealth.

The story revolves around the discovery of a hidden treasure by a group of villagers in a remote rural area. When a poor laborer stumbles upon the treasure while working in the fields, he becomes consumed by greed and decides to keep the treasure for himself, hiding it away from the rest of the village.


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