Dalia By Rabindranath Tagore ডালিয়া

Dalia By Rabindranath Tagore ডালিয়া

“Dalia,” which translates to “The Withered Leaf” in English, is a short story by Rabindranath Tagore, the esteemed poet, novelist, and Nobel laureate in Literature. Originally written in Bengali, “Dalia” is one of Tagore’s many short stories that explore themes of human emotions, relationships, and the passage of time.

The story revolves around the central character, a young woman named Kamala, who lives with her family in a rural village. Kamala’s life is overshadowed by tragedy and loss, as she grapples with the death of her beloved husband, Madhusudan.

As Kamala navigates the challenges of widowhood and single motherhood, she finds solace in her deep connection to nature and her unwavering faith in the cycle of life and death. Despite the hardships she faces, Kamala’s resilience and inner strength shine through, illuminating the narrative with a sense of hope and renewal.


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