Dakghar By Rabindranath Tagore ডাকঘর

Dakghar By Rabindranath Tagore ডাকঘর

“Dakghar,” which translates to “The Post Office” in English, is a play by Rabindranath Tagore, the renowned poet, playwright, and Nobel laureate in Literature. Originally written in Bengali, “Dakghar” was first performed in 1912 and is considered one of Tagore’s most celebrated works for the stage.

The play revolves around the central character, a young boy named Amal, who is confined to his home due to illness. Despite his physical limitations, Amal’s imagination and curiosity about the world outside his window are boundless. He eagerly awaits the arrival of the postman, who brings him letters and news from distant places.

As the play unfolds, Amal’s interactions with the postman and other characters reveal his deep longing for freedom and adventure. Through his vivid imagination, he transcends the confines of his physical surroundings and embarks on imaginary journeys to far-off lands.


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