Chokher Bali By Rabindranath Tagore চোখের বালি

Chokher Bali By Rabindranath Tagore চোখের বালি

“Chokher Bali,” which translates to “A Grain of Sand in the Eye” in English, is a novel by Rabindranath Tagore, the esteemed poet, novelist, and Nobel laureate in Literature. Originally written in Bengali, “Chokher Bali” was first published in 1903 and is considered one of Tagore’s most significant works of fiction.

Set in Bengal during the late 19th century, “Chokher Bali” revolves around the lives of its central characters: Binodini, Mahendra, Asha, and Behari. The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, desire, and societal norms within the context of a traditional Bengali household.

Binodini, a young widow, enters the household of Mahendra and his wife Asha as a companion to Asha. However, her presence disrupts the equilibrium of the household as she forms emotional connections with both Mahendra and Behari, Mahendra’s friend. The complex relationships between the characters are further complicated by their desires, ambitions, and societal expectations.


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